Who We Are

Dr. Ramez Atiya – Chairman and CTO

Dr. Atiya developed the ‘Halcyon Free Flow Cycle’ in collaboration with Alstom Power, the world’s leading hydro turbine manufacturer. His research on the application of large diameter piling methods to tidal range power plant construction has resulted in the development of the ‘Halcyon Enclosure’, which offers steep reductions in the cost of civil works and greater potential for world-wide deployment. He holds patents on the ‘Halcyon Free Flow Cycle’ and the ‘Halcyon Enclosure’ in the US, Canada and several other countries, and received his PhD from the University of Utah.

Ted W. Verrill – President and CEO

Mr. Verrill has been involved in domestic and international energy project finance, both as lawyer and business executive, throughout his 30+ year career. Over the past 7 years, he has added energy project ownership and development to his portfolio, with a focus on renewable energy. His broad project experience has included energy derived from coal, nuclear, biomass, wind, natural gas, hydro, solar and waste-to-energy. His academic credentials include a BA, MBA and JD, and he is a member of the Bar in New York and Connecticut.

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