Pennamaquan Project, Bay of Fundy, Maine

Halcyon Tidal Power has studied the Pennamaquan Estuary in the Bay of Fundy, Washington County, Town of Pembroke, ME for installation of a ‘Halcyon Solution’ tidal range facility. See the site map below. The 1500 foot Halcyon Enclosure will consist of up to 17 Alstom Power bulb turbine gensets placed horizontally within the powerhouse caissons at the center, a boat lock and concrete minicaissons reaching to each shoreline. Power output is expected to be at least 25.6 MW with each turbine having a maximum output of 1.6 MW. The cost to construct the facility will be approximately $122 million. The facility would interconnect with an upgraded transmission line on the Hershey Neck Road, which terminates at the Bangor Hydro Electric Company substation in Pembroke. The balance of permitting and development is expected to take 18 months with construction continuing for about 2 years. The facility is currently short-listed for an off-take agreement in both Maine and Connecticut.

location map

This map shows the proposed location of the Halcyon Pennamaquan facility, indicated by the red line at the mouth of the estuary. The black line around the estuary marks the existing high tide line, and the grey area within that line marks the intertidal zone. Neither of these would be altered by our facility, which has been carefully and purposefully designed to allow the free flow of water and organisms in and out of the basin. See here for more information about how we protect the marine environment.

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 15.48.09

This view shows how the structure is almost entirely submerged, and will have both the appearance and function of a footbridge.

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 15.43.58

***Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 15.57.25

This view from Leighton Point shows the Pennamaquan Project approaching high tide. During spring tides, only the footbridge and the top of the powerhouse would be visible.

Further information about the project can be found on our resources page.

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