The Halcyon Solution

The ‘Halcyon Solution’ to tidal range power utilizes patented construction and operational methodologies to reduce facility construction costs and ameliorate environmental concerns.


The ‘Halcyon Solution’ construction methodology utilizes pile-supported, pre-cast concrete panels in place of typical embankment construction. These panels can be manufactured onshore, barged to the site and placed between the pilings. This methodology shortens construction time and reduces construction cost, each by half. It also allows cost-effective deployment of tidal range facilities at depth and length, permitting site change to shoreline indentations. See here for more detail about the economic advantages of our facilities.


The ‘Halcyon Solution’ operating methodology utilizes fish friendly bulb turbines in two-way generation with pumping. This ‘Free Flow’ tidal power system retains flood and ebb tide levels, thus preserving the intertidal zones, maintains the natural hydrology and eliminates sedimentation. See here for more information about how we protect and preserve the marine environment.


Our tidal range technology improvements are expected to provide the impetus necessary to effect world-wide deployment of ‘Halcyon Solution’ facilities. See here for more detail on the global resource potential of the Halcyon Solution.

A more detailed and technical description of the ‘Halcyon Solution’ is available here.

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